Internet of Things – Wireless: a solution for every application

29. Aug 2018 15:00 - 16:30


Choosing an appropriate wireless technology for the target application and device is a critical decision in the innovation process. It is a key factor in successful product integration and commercialization. An increasing number of solutions are now available to Swiss companies, presenting various features in terms of cost, power consumption, efficiency and security. Opting for the right one, even perhaps considering a tailor-made solution, will often make the difference.

Based on concrete examples in fields such as machine-tools, process control or healthcare, this workshop aims to give SMEs an overview of existing solutions, featuring their advantages and disadvantages concerning potential applications.

Key Take Aways:

- Available wireless technologies with their main features, and companion technologies
- Parameters to take into account in a market analysis
- Evaluation grid to support the choice for the attendees’ own businesses
- What’s next in this field of technology?


Geschäftsführer, CIOs und CTOs und alle, die sich mit Digitalisierung beschäftigen